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About Paddle Surfing

Stand up Paddle boarding (SUP’s), surfing with a board and a paddle has taken the surfing world by storm. PADDLE SURFING adds a whole new dimension to riding waves or just exploring the coast. With a BIG fitness benefit, PADDLE SURFING has plenty of people grabbing a paddle and learning a whole new way to play in the ocean.

I could talk about its ancient Hawaiian roots or its uses in the 30’s thru the 70’s. Or maybe how I remember seeing guys back in the mid 80’s doing this at breaks in Waikiki like Canoes & Old Mans while we were out shredding the Kaiser & Ala Moana Bowls. Or I could interview my dad (85 yrs old) who says they used wooden surfboards with long paddles to go crabbing & surfing when he was young down in Wildwood NJ in the mid 30’s. But REALLY the introduction of the modern SUP (in New Jersey) started about 3 years ago when Ben Schnaibel (one of our instructors Windsurfing & kitesurfing) bought one in Florida. It was a first generation (of the resurgent of SUP’s not some ancient museum piece) board. Kind of narrow by today’s standards and made like a std surfboard (polyester blank & polyester resin) I could see the immediate applications to our small waves here in NJ. Ben is an excellent waterman and a young athletic guy and I’m SURE he would admit that with his first board it was harder than it needed to be. Ben & I talked over that winter & Ben kept at it (as conditions permitted) and after various conversations we agreed that applying current windsurfing board design theories (width = Stability …to a point) & windsurfing construction (Epoxy sandwich vs. Polyester surfboard type construction.) We kind of figured out what we were looking for NEXT…Without getting all detailed & technical Seems other more influential designers were thinking like us and quickly Starboards (and several other MFG) brought out exactly what we were looking for with a twist they added a mast insert for windsurfing SUP’s in both flat water & waves…WOW! It was like they could read our minds but better adding the mast track!
Whether you want to rip in waves or just paddle around, we can help you get out on the water and into to the right gear!
It is hard to explain why standing and paddling into a wave on a 10-11' board is such a buzz and the only way to find out is to do it! Put simply it adds a whole new dimension to surfing and takes you back to the basic element that got us here in the first place - getting out into the waves and having fun!
There is also a large fitness benefit that comes with having this fun - core strength! But don’t underestimate how much FUN you will have learning to surf a SUP boarding flat water or in the surf!

Rip in waves or just paddle around!

It’s easy though if you start out on the right gear, with the right instruction & the right advice. From our store, to our school to our staff & our website, we are here to help make your Paddle Surfing experience the ultimate one!

Everyone Can Do it!

One of the appeals of Paddle Surfing is that it allows anyone to paddle around and enjoy the waves we have here on the East Coast. No more wishing for big wave (although they work in them too)
 - Any where there is water and/OR waves', women, kids young & old are taking to the water.

Everyone Can Do it!

Most kids can ride a Longboard if it big enough (9'6+) and stable enough. We have cheap paddles to get you started - from $50.
Stay tuned for more tips on getting Women and kids into Paddle Surfing.

Fitness at flatwater

One of the real benefits of Paddle Surfing is that you get a solid workout without even knowing it (until afterwards, that is).
Beside the obvious 'paddle fitness', there is a solid 'core workout' when handling and turning the board, especially in the surf.
Once you get into waves you really start to feel the workout.

BEWARE, however! It is only good for your back and core strength if you take it easy. Going too hard when your body is not accustomed to the new exercise can do more harm than good.

See your doctor if you are having back problems, and make sure your paddle is cut to the right length - 8-10" (20-25cm) longer than your height.

Fitness at flatwater

Enjoy a leisurely paddle around the lake or bay. Or picnic on a distant deserted beach or island … Explore!

SUP’s Can do More Than You Think.

SUP’s Can do More Than You Think.

This is what makes SUP’s the most exciting water sport around. One of my favorite analogies is “I’ve been around water sports like windsurfing since 1973 (surfing since 1968) and I’ve been involved in the industry for the past 15 years (partner/owner in Extreme Windsurfing) and heard EVERY pitch about “….This is the ONLY ----- you’ll ever need…Blah, blah” and they were never true. UNTIL NOW!
After the past 3 yrs of testing. I firmly believe if I was stranded on an island with only a SUP, Paddle, windsurfing rig (any size) & fishing equipment and I could live happily for a very long time!

Here is How it goes…

When there are small waves & no wind Paddle Surfing makes these conditions exciting.
When the waves are bigger & no wind SUP’s surf great with or without the paddle.
When there are NO wave & NO wind just paddling around is not only fun but a great workout too!
When there are small wave & wind (of any kind) throw a rig (any size) on a SUP and you are off to have wave sailing fun!
When there are bigger waves & wind you can either surf the SUP or windsurfing it. Whatever you like!
When there are NO waves & any wind just sail it, and you are off to planning or non planning FUN!
Is there any conditions found anywhere that an SUP isn’t fun!?!

No special rig req. they work with anything from a 7M to a 4.7. SUP’s seem to sail best with rigs in the 5M range.
No special fins 10” stock fins are fine. I personally like to use Side fins but this is more of a personal preference than necessary.  They just plain work no need to “tech them out”

How about running a river (whitewater or not)?
Fishing Freshwater or Saltwater gets you to and from the fish QUITELY like you never though possible. Makes catching (landing even small fish) a challenge.
Add a MULE (portable wheels) Makes a great beach cart for all the rest of your STUFF!
But then what else could you need on a beach besides your SUP stuff?
The more I use my SUP the more ways I find to have fun on it!

For more details on equipment & how to SUP
Call us @ (484) 515-5758 or (800) 781-8461
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