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Experiences at Extreme Windsurfing at Lakes Bay


What are Experiences at Extreme Windsurfing?

These are programs for experienced participants to enjoy the thrilling water sports at Extreme Windsurfing at Lakes Bay.


  • Must sign release 

  • Must be a competent open water swimmer

  • Follow the direction of the Experience Coordinator

  • Having completed our lesson program or other instruction

** This is NOT for first time windsurfers or paddlers. We have an excellent instructional program to offer here at Extreme Windsurfing @ Lakes Bay for those persons **


What to Expect

  • We will size equipment for you and set it up at the water

  • Give you a basic conditions briefing at the start of the Experience (Conditions change all the time. Any questions please check with Experience Coordinator)

  • The Coordinator will do his/her best to help you stay safe and enjoy your Experience (These are not rescue or Life Guard personnel)

  • Technique suggestions can be offered to help you enjoy your Experience



Windsurfing Experience                     Stand Up Paddle boarding

Beginner 1hr $60 per person             1hr $40. Per person

Intermediate 2hs $80 per person

Expert 3hrs $99 per person

Extra Info:

  • All participants must sign a liability form every session.

  • We do not rent wetsuits or water-shoes.

  • Boards and rigs are available for FREE 20 Minute Demos...after that the fees are applied.













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