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Rentals at Extreme Windsurfing at Lakes Bay

These are programs for experienced participants to enjoy the thrilling water sports at Extreme Windsurfing at Lakes Bay.


  • Must sign release 

  • Must be a competent open water swimmer

  • Follow the direction of the Experience Coordinator

  • Having completed our lesson program or other instruction

** This is NOT for first time windsurfers or paddlers. We have an excellent instructional program to offer here at Extreme Windsurfing @ Lakes Bay for those persons **


What to Expect

  • We will size equipment for you and set it up at the water

  • Give you a basic conditions briefing at the start of the Experience (Conditions change all the time. Any questions please check with Experience Coordinator)

  • The Coordinator will do his/her best to help you stay safe and enjoy your Experience (These are not rescue or Life Guard personnel)

  • Technique suggestions can be offered to help you enjoy your Experience



Windsurfing Rentals                                                     Stand Up Paddle boarding

Beginner 1hr $60 per person                                      1hr $40. Per person

Intermediate 2hs $80 per person

Expert 3hrs $99 per person

Extra Info:

  • All participants must sign a liability form every session.

  • We do not rent wetsuits or water-shoes.

  • Boards and rigs are available for FREE 20 Minute Demos...after that the fees are applied.













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